Camp Roland

July 21, 22, & 23, 2016

The 2016 Mountain Dominion District MERIT BADGE-O-REE is SCHEDULED for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 21-23 2016!

We are going to MIX IT UP this year! Rather than telling Scouts what merit badges we will offer, we are asking YOU, the SCOUT, to tell US what merit badge YOU want us to teach. We will do everything in our power to offer the top merit badges YOU select!

Visit to select ANY BADGE YOU WOULD LIKE FOR US TO TEACH at the BADGE-O-REE. We will tabulate the results and seek merit badge counselors to teach the top selections. 

You must get your votes in EARLY! We must tally the results, find (and maybe train) counselors, and get them properly "vetted" through our training Chair. 

So if you are planning to come to the BADGE-O-REE, let me know FIVE merit badges on your "wish list." We will do our best to make as many wishes come true as possible!

Scoutmasters: Please let me know if your Troop is planning to attend and encourage your Scouts to let me know what badges they would like to see at the Badge-O-Ree!

Klondike Dan

Call or email if you have questions or comments: Klondike Dan (276) 322-3911