Camp Roland

July 21, 22, & 23, 2016

The 2016 Mountain Dominion District MERIT BADGE-O-REE is SCHEDULED for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 21-23 2016!

June 23, 2016
Please be assured that we are working on getting the schedule put together for this year's Merit Badge-O-Ree. Right now I am contacting counselors for two dozen different merit badge classes to confirm that they are able to teach the classes. We are also trying to OPTIMIZE the classes so we can best serve the MOST Scouts. Hopefully I will have all of the contacts made and have a schedule finalized early next week. I will send out an email to let everyone know how to sign up.

Thank you for your patience as we go through the process!

June 16, 2016
We have tried to MIX IT UP this year! We asked YOU, the SCOUTS, to tell US what merit badge YOU want us to teach. We have received 28 responses and here are the results.

Merit badges receiving a total of 5 votes or more are:
Archery (7)
Citizenship in the Community (5)
Citizenship in the Nation (6)
Cooking (8)
Emergency Preparedness (5)
Indian Lore (6)
Rifle Shooting (5)

Merit badges receiving 3 or 4 votes include:
Fishing (3)
Golf (4)
Shotgun (3)
Signs/signal code (3)
Wood carving (4)

These are the top dozen merit badges that YOU have selected and we will do our best to find counselors and offer these badges.

Merit badge receiving 2 votes were:
Citizenship in the world
Environmental Science
First Aid
Nuclear Science
Wood carving

We will not offer swimming as the pool will not be open this year. We will make some selections from this list and offer some of the badges that we can find counselors to teach and that are appropriate for a 72 hour camp.

There were 27 merit badges that received one vote. These include animal science, art, biking, chemistry, electricity, electronics, farm mechanics, fly fishing, genealogy, geocaching, hiking, home repair, metal working, mining in society, nature, painting, photography, physical fitness, plant science, robotics, sculpture, search and rescue, surveying, theater, traffic safety, white water, and wilderness survival.

Some of these suggestions are cool, but not really suitable for a 72 hour camp at Camp Roland (might be hard to complete the whitewater badge on Wolf Creek!).  We will look at the list and do our best to serve the most Scouts

Scoutmasters: Please let me know if your Troop is planning to attend and encourage your Scouts to let me know what badges they would like to see at the Badge-O-Ree!

Klondike Dan

Call or email if you have questions or comments: Klondike Dan (276) 322-3911