Welcome to Camp Roland

WINTER is in the air!

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting colder, and we are all getting OLDER!

Upcoming Events:
Chi Hoota Wei Executive Board meeting  - November 15
Mountain Dominion District Meeting - November 20
Mountain Dominion District Christmas Dinner - December 11
O.A. Winter Banquet  - December 13

Angie Higginbotham is the District Popcorn Chair this year. If you have popcorn questions or concerns contact her via email. All units wishing to sell popcorn must turn in their commitment paperwork by August 29th.

A terrific District Meeting was held on May 15, 2014. You should have been there!
Lots of business was discussed. For instance: The Buckskin Council has grown to include the Cardinal District (Kentucky), M-G-M District (Ohio and West Virginia), Muguyoh District (Ohio and West Virginia) and the new Elk River District. See the diagram below courtesy of Tom Kozikowski.

Paula Mattox outlined a large slate of activities for Cub Scouts including changes to the DAY CAMPS and TWILIGHT CAMPS. Charles Truckenmiller updated the District about POLICIES in effect at all of our events. The overarching guidelines are contained in the GUIDE TO SAFE SCOUTING. The GUIDE is updated quarterly. The latest updates are available at:
The Buckskin Council also generates policies that must be followed at all events in our Council. These policies are in place to keep everyone SAFE and to ensure a QUALITY program for all of our youth.

Here is the link from Ed Evans' presentation on Geocaching at the Cold Rush

Bill Cooley and Barry Nowlin are ready, willing and able to help you wrangle your adults. They will be glad to meet with your Scout parents (or other interested adults) to get your Troop moving!

Email any information you would like to see here at CampRoland.com to Klondike Dan. He'll get it posted for you! It's an exciting time in our District!

Be sure and attend the next DISTRICT MEETING to keep up with the latest!

This is your link to the latest information in the Mountain Dominion District. Find out what's going on by visiting the calendar link. Contact the District leadership or other Cubmasters and Scoutmasters at the contacts link. Get the latest camp information, view camp photos, share information and more!


Our advancement chair, Mr. Dan Cook, is in charge of advancement and will be happy to share the proper procedures to follow for advancement, Eagle Projects, merit badge counseling and more.

    Our Advancement Chair has done a great job of keeping up with current merit badge counselors. A link to all counselors that we have on file is here: MB Counselor list. This list is not perfect (but it's pretty close!). Please contact Dan Cook to update, add to, or correct the list. Also let Dan know if you would like to be removed from the list. Please remember that it is up to each counselor, and those who choose to use the counselor, to ensure that his/her Youth Protection Training is up to date. Dan Cook(540) 544-7100.

    As you can see, we are blessed with many knowledgeable, caring, and WILLING volunteers in our District. Thanks to all of the adults who give so freely of their time each week at Scout meetings and for the "special" effort that you give for events like those mentioned above. You are the best!

    IF you are planning to do any event that involves any climbing or rappelling you must have TRAINED staff present. Please contact Tim Wallace if you would like to be trained.

    National Boy Scout Web Site



    Thanks to Thomas J. Kozikowski for providing a map with Scout Units meeting places marked to help locate your nearest Pack or Troop. Click HERE to view the map.

    Call or email if you have questions or comments: Klondike Dan (276) 322-3911

Dan Cook has created a terrific video describing how to properly fill out a BLUE CARD. Check it out!