We need YOU to sign up to teach a merit badge class soon! We hope to have our biggest event in 2 years. We already have an impressive list of merit badge offerings:


WHITE TEXT indicates tentative YES

RED TEXT indicates CONFIRMED class





Archery - Jerry Buchannan

Astronomy - ???

Backpacking - Trey Aliff Associate

Chemistry - Thomas Kozikowski

Citizenship in the Community - ???

Citizenship in the Nation - ???

Collections - Trey Aliff

Communication - ???

Cooking (2) - Darren Law - Dining Hall

Fingerprinting - ???

First Aid - ???

Fishing - ???

Golf - Barry Buckner

Home Repair - Trey Aliff Associate

Indian Lore (2) - Kim Medley - Dining Hall

Public Speaking - Kim Medley

Pioneering - Jason Anderson

Photography - Thomas Kozikowski

Plumbing - Frank Cahoon

Rifle Shooting - Philip Ball and Crew

Shotgun Shooting - Philip Ball and Crew

Swimming - ???

Space Exploration - ???

Wilderness Survival - Brian Blankenship


Some of these have been confirmed - or almost confirmed (names listed in white letters). Others need to be adopted (those in yellow letters). Of course we ae open to other merit badges if you are willing to share your knowledge and expertise - Please!


We also have a world class program for new Scouts, our award winning TRAIL TO FIRST CLASS (1 & 2) Don Bury, Howard Sathre, Charlei Troup - Pool Shelter. This program is designed to help younger Scouts advance in rank and become comfortable in the great outdoors. The instructors, Don Bury, Howard Sathre, and Charlie Troup have over 150 years of combined Scouting experience and are anxious to share with new Scouts.


Sign up to teach NOW through June 1st.

Once our roster is complete Scouts will be able to sign up for classes at Buckskin.org