Happy Birthday Charlie!
Happy Birthday Charlie!

2021 Awesome August Council Camp

It was, well.. AWESOME!

Despite the forecast, the weather was fantastic! Not a drop of rain all weekend (there was some “snow” Saturday evening, but more on that in just a few moments).


Packs and Troops from across West Virginia and Virginia arrived at Camp Roland Friday evening and Saturday morning for a great adventure. Units from Parkersburg, Charleston, Gilbert, Tornado, Princeton, Poca, and Baisden, West Virginia and Pembroke, Bluefield, and Marion, Virginia had a wonderful time.


The moon rise above Moon Gap was beautiful on Friday evening as we had a Cracker Barrel at the Pool Shelter and made last minute adjustments to the schedule as we snacked on cookies, cheese, crackers and donut holes. Many first timers were on hand and they were provided with a brief “lay of the land” around Camp Roland.


Saturday morning dawned with heavy fog. People managed to find their way to Camp and were greeted by Thomas Kozikowski, Kim Medley and Carrie Kozikowski. This dedicated team did an incredible job of checking folks in, providing each attendee with a schedule, shelter assignment, parking pass, and map of Camp. Many thanks to these wonderful folks for all the prep work in getting ready for the event and for so efficiently keeping track of all the attendees.


Troop 460 (Pembroke, VA) raised the flag at 9 o’clock and we began our day. Cub Scouts cycled through stations like: Fun on the run -Games Tigers play, Call of the Wild – Bear Necessities, Castaway, Tiger Tales, a Bear goes fishing, Camp Craft – lashings, and more. Carrie did a fine job in planning these activities and finding volunteers to run them. Great Job!


Scouts BSA were able to shoot .22 rifles, (thank you Phillip Ball and Bill Cooley), work on Scout Skills like Knots and camp gadgets (thank you Jeremy Anderson), and Fire building/Wilderness survival (thank you Brian Blankenship). Iron man Jerry Buchanan taught Cub Scouts to shoot BB guns, slingshots and arrows in the morning, and did Scouts BSA Archery in the afternoon!


Veteran Scouters Don Bury and Charlie Troup (with over 100 years of Scouting experience between them!) were on hand to provide information about Scouting newcomers. They also led the “Old Goat Patrol” discussions among other veterans including Tommy Boggess (and Marva), David Emmanuel, Russel Taylor and Ed Evans. Ed brought a museum of patches and artifacts to share at the Trading Post. Patches, neckerchiefs, shirts and more dating back nearly 100 years! It was quite an impressive display.


Matt Morris from the East River Amateur Radio Club was on hand to give a “talk” about “ham” radio in preparation of Jamboree On The Air in October. ERARC will be back at Camp Roland on October 16th with radios set up for Scouts to talk to folks from all over America, all across the world, and maybe even the International Space Station! Thank you Matt.


Glen Harrison and Tim Wallace (more “seasoned” Scouters) amazed the crowd with the Trebuchet demonstration. For over two hours the filled the air with a regular salad bowl of vegetables! Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA got to “pull the trigger” to launch heads of cabbage (cabbage confetti), cantaloupes and watermelons across the field. Special thanks to all the Scouts and Scouters who provided the muscle to “set” the trebuchet before firing. The vegetables were “old” so we weren’t wasting food. The crows, dear and camp bear were busy cleaning up the field for us on Sunday afternoon!


On Saturday evening Old Jonah, the Appalachian Mountain Storyteller, regaled us with Tall Tales from long ago. He demonstrated some antique toys, his Indian drum and even built a fire using charcloth, a piece of flint and a steel striker. The large brush pile in front of Shelter 1 provided a fitting backdrop to the show. It also provided a little bit of “snow” in the form of ashes. A live show in front of a roaring campfire on a warm summer evening surrounded by our Scouting family as the nearly full moon rose above Moon Gap. Does it get any better than that?!!!


After the show we retired to the Dining Hall for ICE CREAM! We had ice cream with chocolate, caramel, and/or strawberry syrup, chocolate, butterscotch and white chocolate chips, shredded coconut and even sprinkles! Thanks to Teresa Bystrek and daughter from Pack 93 in Marion and William Powell and son from Troop 17 in Parkersburg for being excellent “scoopers.” William and his son came to the Merit Badge-O-Ree in July and promised to bring more Scouts from their area next time – and they delivered! Welcome Troop 17. Thanks to the Bystreks for cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. I love the smell of Clorox in the evening!


Saturday night was a cool with clear skies, perfect for sleeping (except for that persistent bullfrog at the pool all night!). The campfire glowed well into the night – and will probably “smoke” for days! The warm glow of good fun and fellowship at this terrific camp will also burn brightly in our hearts for many days to come. Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and execution of this camp. Several people worked really hard in planning this event, gathering materials and volunteers. There were many, many volunteers and I am sorry that I have named only a few. We truly appreciate everyone who helped us pull this one off! We are grateful for our first-time visitors from Charleston, Gilbert, Tornado, Baisden and other towns. We hope you had a good time and we hope to see you again very soon at Camp Roland. Maybe at our next Cub Scout event – The Cub Scout Family Camp October, 1-3 or the Scouts BSA Fall Camporee and Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) October, 15-17.


Thanks, once again, to everyone who made this camp a success!


Klondike Dan