Register (and PAY) for the District CHRISTMAS DINNER at the Buckskin Council website!


Then check the "registry" below and email Klondike Dan with the DISH you plan to bring for the Pot-Luck Dinner. This will help to avoid having everyone bring the same "Possum Pie" to the dinner. While Possum Pie is really good, we'd like to have a variety of dishes (Squirrel Pie, Groundhog Pie, Pumpkin Pie, etc.).


The District will provide the main course and drinks. WE need to supply side dishes. Here is the list so far:

As of THURSDAY, December 12, 2019


Green beans - Chris Blankenship

Corn - Chris Blankenship

Potatoes - Chris Blankenship

Unspecified dessert - Chris Blankenship

Brownies - David Emanuel

Bread - Dan Trent

Caramel corn - Howard, Kathy & Niclole Sathre

Cupcakes or other dessert - Phillip Ball

Broccoli/cauliflower salad - Trey Aliff

Mac & Cheese - Kermit Davis


Let's Eat!



The FALL CAMP is upon us!


The Mountain Dominion District FALL CAMPOREE and Jambore On The Air (JOTA) is coming up!

Once again we will have the East River Amateur Radio Club (ERARC) on hand to help us participate the the biggest Scouting event on the planet. ERARC wil have the big antenna fired up and will allow Scouts to talk to other Scouts all over the world. This is a great opportunity to connect with folks from different states, different countries and even different continents! Come join the JOTA fun. Thank you ERAC..


We will also have Jerry Buchannan and Rufus Vanhoosier on hand to with their arrows sharpened and their bow tightly strung. They will have the archery range open for some target practice.


We have some fun "maintenance" projects planned to help spruce up Camp Roland for the coming winter, too. We will continue the tradition of the Fall NIGHT HIKE on Friday evening and, of course, we will enjoy a CAMPFIRE PROGRAM on Saturday night. And, oh yeah, we will have the next installment of our PUNKIN' CHUNKIN' CONTEST! This was a big hit (literally) last year so we are bringing it back again this Fall.


There was a small oversight in our registration process - we did not include T-Shirt sizes on the registration page at! So if you have alreadey registered, please email Klondike Dan and let him know what size shirts your Troop needs. Do this no later than October 10th to ensure you have a shirt waiting for you at Camp


Upcoming events in our District


Please remember the monthly DISTRICT MEETING at the Stinson Methodist Church in Princeton on Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 p.m. There will be NO ROUND TABLE MEETING this month


CAMP ROLAND Clean-up Day


We need YOU to come help us winterize Camp Roland on November 5th. We will be shutting off the water and performing other chores to secure camp for winter. There is always to do around camp and we appreciate your help. If you have a pet project, come on over! We need Scouts and adults to help. Adults, bring chain saws and other brush clearing equipment.



Trail to 1st Class part 1 Trail to 1st Class part 2 Archery part 1 Archery part 2
Archery part 1 Archery part 2 Golf part 1 Golf part 2
Cooking part 1 Cooking part 2 Wilderness Survival part 1 Wilderness Survival part 2
Pioneering part 1 Pioneering part 2 Citizenship in Community Communication
Energy Automotive Maintenance Metal Working Fishing
Home Repair Fishing Plumbing Rifle
Photography Metal Working Rifle Traffic Safety
Shotgun Shotgun Robotics First Aid
  Truck Transportation    

Merit badge classes are listed above BY SESSIONS

Blue and Green classes require 2 SESSIONS



Follow this link to register your Unit:


EVERYONE MUST REGISTER! Scouts, leaders, merit badge counselors, other adults, Martians and other space beings - EVERYONE! EVERYONE registers to attend camp.


Register to attend the Badge-O-Ree BY July 3rd, 2019 - to insure that you get a shirt and the other "goodies"


SCOUTS will register for merit badge classes beginning JULY 1, 2019 on the Buckskin Council web page. Popular classes fill up quickly so register early!




Trail to First Class - Pool Shelter -Sessions 1 AND 2 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class). Mr. Don Bury, Dr. Howard Sathre, Mr. Charlie Troup

Archery - Archery Range -Sessions 1 AND 2 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class) and Sessions 3 AND 4 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class). Limit 8 Scouts each class. Mr. Jerry Buchanan

Citizenship in the Community - Pool Shelter -Session 3. Mr. Shawn White

Pioneering - Pioneering Area - Sessions 1 AND 2 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class). BEFORE CAMP Scouts must do some work:

2. (b) Demonstrate how to tie the following knots: clove hitchbutterfly knotroundturn with two half hitchesrolling hitchwater knotcarrick bendsheepshank, and sheet bend. (The Scouts must know these knots before they come to camp)

2. (c) Demonstrate and explain when to use the following lashings: squarediagonalroundsheartripod, and floor lashing. (Scouts must know how to tie these lashings before they come to camp). It is important for Scouts to be at a minimum familiar with knots and lashings before they come to the merit badge class Mr. Jason Anderson

Truck Transportation - Session 2 - Limit 12 Scouts (unless you can provide your own transportation) Trooper Jeremy Melvin

Automotive Maintenance - Session 2 - Gene King and David Boyd

Traffic Safety - Shelter 2 - Session 4 - Trooper Jeremy Melvin

Communication - Pool Shelter -Session 4 Mr. Shawn White

Metalwork - Storage Building - Session 2 and Session 3. LIMIT 6 Scouts per session. This class is offered during TWO DIFFERENT SESSIONS. Register for EITHER ONE. Mr. Michael Kime

Rifle Shooting - Rifle Range - Session 3 and Session 4. This class is offered during TWO DIFFERENT SESSIONS. Register for EITHER ONE. LIMIT 12 Scouts per session. Mr. Phillip Ball, Mr. Bill Cooley, Mr. Roger Albert

FINGERPRINTING - Dining Hall - Evening Session. LIMIT 15 Scouts.  BEFORE CAMP Scouts must do some work:

Give a short history of fingerprinting. Tell the difference between civil and criminal identification.

Shotgun Shooting - Rifle Range - Session 1 and Session 2. This class is offered during TWO DIFFERENT SESSIONS. Register for EITHER ONE. LIMIT 6 Scouts per session. Mr. Phillip Ball, Mr. Bill Cooley, Mr. Roger Albert

Photography - HandiCraft Lodge - Session 1. LIMIT 12 Scouts. BEFORE CAMP Scouts must do some work:

Bring a digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera or a point and shoot camera that the Scout is familiar with

Bring a copy of the Photography merit badge workbook (available at

Bring a pen or pencil and something to write on

Complete the CYBER CHIP before class and Complete #8 in the Merit Badge Workbook before coming to class.

Home Repair - Session 1. LIMIT 12 Scouts. Mr. Frank Cahoon.

Robotics - Session 3. LIMIT 2 Scouts. Mr. Dan Trent.

First Aid - Session 4. Limt 10 Scouts - 1st Class or highr rank. Must know 1st ad covered in first three ranks (Scout, Tenderfoot and 2nd Class)- Mr. Shawn Comer, Mr. Clayton Comer

Energy - Session 1. LIMIT 10 Scouts. BEFORE CAMP Scouts must do some workL

1.    Do the following:

  1. With your parent's permission, use the internet to find a blog, podcast, website, or an article on the use or conservation of energy. Discuss with your counselor what details in the article were interesting to you, the questions it raises, and what ideas it addresses that you do not understand.
  2. Conduct an energy audit of your home. Keep a 14 day log that records what you and your family did to reduce energy use. Include the following in your report and, after the 14 day period, discuss what you have learned with your counselor.
  3. 4 a. List the types of energy used in your home such as electricity, wood, oil, liquid petroleum, and natural gas, and tell how each is delivered and measured, and the current cost; OR record the transportation fuel used, miles driven, miles per gallon, and trips using your family car or another vehicle. Mr. Thomas Kozikowski.

Plumbing - Session 3. LIMIT 12 Scouts. Mr. Frank Cahoon.

Cooking - Shelter 1 - Session 2. LIMIT 12 Scouts. FEE Required. Ms. LaDonna Smit, Ms. Eugenia Broyles.

Wilderness Survival - HandiCraft Lodge - Sessions 3 AND 4 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class). LIMIT 12 Scouts. Scouts need a knife, cordage, a tarp, canteen, contractor trash bag, and of course a pencil and something to write on. Mr. Dan Cook

GOLF - Depart from Storage Building - Sessions 3 AND 4 (Requires BOTH sessions for this class). LIMIT 12 Scouts. FEE REQUIRED (for Wolf Creek Golf Club) Mr. Hal Keen, Mr. Barry Buckner

FISHING - Session 1 and Session 4. This class is offered during TWO DIFFERENT SESSIONS. Register for EITHER ONE. prerequisite: Know the 5 fishing knots from the FISHING Merit Badge Book (available at The scouts need to bring their own rod and reel. Mr. Kermit Davis



Shelter 1 - TROOP 1, Princeton, WV

Shelter 2 - TROOP 93, Marion, VA

Shelter 3 - Troops 188 & 281, Galzx/Baywood, VA

Shelter 4 - Troop 68, Narrows, VA

Shelter 5 - Troop 460, Pembroke, VA

Shelter 6 - Troop 14, Bluefield, VA

Shelter 8 - Troop 48. Pulaski, VA


If you would like to add your expertise to the list please call (276) 322-3911 or email



                    The COLD RUSH was a blast!



The Mountain Dominion District COLD RUSH was a BLAST (of cold air!). On February 16, 2019 at Camp Roland we had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this a terrific event. Thanks to Mr. Shawn Comer for baking about five thousand POTATOES so that we could all enjoy a hot lunch. Thanks to Scouts from Troop 460 for helping Scouts cook HAIRY SPIDERS and fry up everything from marshmallows and Oreos to bananas. Thanks to Troop 460 (again) for helping our Scouts learn to tie a host of knots, from square knots to bowlines. Thanks to Mr. Dan Cook and crew for teaching at the FIRE BUILDING station. Thanks to all of our older Scouts who helped younger Scouts with their Scouting knowledge (things like the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and more). Thanks to Mr. Tony Webly for educating the Scouts in the use of the compass and in reading and orienting maps. Thanks to Mr. Jeremy Melvin and Troop 93 for the great instruction in FIRST AID. Thanks to the adults from Troop 93 for also timing the GREAT SLED RACE.

For the first time in several years we had a real live sled race with Klondike sleds. There were several exciting "heats" (pardon the pun!). There were some great races, and a few spectacular crashes. The results were:

TROOP 460 - 1st place with a time of 27:97

TROOP 1885  -2nd place with a time of 27:77 (very close!)

TROOP 460 (different Patrol) - 3rd place with a time of 31:85

TROOP 1 - 4th place with a time of 44:37


This was the first Mountain Dominion District event that included a GIRLS TROOP. All indications are that they enjoyed the day and we look forward to welcoming them back to the next event at Camp Roland!


The Christmas Dinner was FANTASTIC!


The Mountain Dominion District Christmas Dinner was a tremendous success. An overflow crowd enjoyed a great time of fun and fellowship at the packed Shall Hall in Princeton. The masses enjoyed a delicious meal of fried chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, hash brown casserole, veggies and a wonderful pesto dip, a variety of salads, cookies and cakes. Thanks to everyone who brought so much food to share.


The white elephant gift exchange was great fun and with so many participants it lasted well into the evening. There were some great gifts: Scouting books and hats, Christmas tree ornaments, gift cards and more! If you weren't able to attend, you missed a terrific event. Make plans to attend next year (we may need to rent a bigger facility as the party grows!).


Congratulations OA Officers!


The OA has been busy! Here are some of the exciting changes in leadership:


Congratulations to Mr. Shawn Comer who is moving up to the position of Associate Advisor of Secretery.

Congratulations to Mr. Dan Cook who will assume Shawn's duties as Chapter Advisor for the Mountain Dominion District.


Results of the Chapter election on November 1st:

Congratulations to Jacob Fidele, Chapter Chief

Congratulations to Hatcher Anderson and Daniel Cook, Chapter Vice Chiefs

Congratulations to Wyatt Anderson, Chapter Secretary


Lodge Officers:

Congratulations Dylan Bess, Lodge Chief

Congratulations Samuel Brown, Vice Chief-Program

Congratulations Clayton Comer, Vice Chief - Administration

Congratulations Jack Monk, Secretary



We had a great time at Camp Roland!


The 2018 Mountain Dominion District Fall Camporee and Jamboree On The Air was a tremendous success thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers. We had Troops from three districts, two councils and we even had a Webelo Pack!


The weather forcast was dismal, but the Scouting Spirit brightened the weekend. Friday evening began cool and misty, but the rain soon stopped and the temperature actually warmed overnight. Of course the burning of the giant brush pile may have helped dry things out and warm the air!


We had a good time at the Cracker barrel enjoying cream cheese, crackers and some ghost pepper jelly. The jelly may have helped to warm the temperature, too.


 Saturday morning dawned cool and damp but once the activities began everyone forgot all about the weather. Every unit in camp got to build their own tipi. Plastic tarps were substituted for canvas or animal skins, but the effect was the same. Some Scouts even slept in their tipis on Saturday night. Thanks to our OA Arrowmen for leading/teaching the Scouts in this effort. They did a great job.


We had two different kinds of shooting sports going on in camp this weekend. At the rifle range Phillip Ball, Bill Cooley, Roger Alber and others led Scouts in shooting targets using rifles. At the archery range Bill Hanks, Jerry Buchanan and others helped Scouts hone their skills with bows and arrows. Both of these merit badges will be offered at the 2019 Merit Badge-O-Ree in July.


Another merit badge that we will offer next summer is Metalcraft. Mr. Michael Kime did a metal working demonstration in preparation for this event. Each unit was able to help in crafting a knife from a railroad spike at this station. This was a fun station and lots of boys said that they can't wait to sign up for the metalcraft merit badge class!


The East River Amateur Radio Club was at Camp Roland once again to help us participate in the Worldwide Jamboree on the Air. Scouts were able to hear others from around the world... and beyond! We actually heard a call from the International Space Station as it flew overhead. Other locations of note included Iowa, Washington state, India, and Australia among others. Thanks to Hooger Fisher, Charles Priest, Roger Stefanic, Charles Hampton, Randall Hash and others for setting this up for us. Mr. Hash brought a drone and took some aerial photos of campsites for us. Thank you ERAC!


At the end of the day we had the first anual "Punkin; Chunkin" at the flag pole. Winners in the Webelo, Boy Scout and Adult divisions each won a Walmart gift card.


The day concluded with Old Jonah the Appalachian Mountain Storyteller in the Dining Hall. Jonah told us tall tales in the mountain tradition. It was a nice way to end the day.


Once again, thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a huge success - especially the folks who volunteered ahead of time and all of the units who pre-registered. It sure makes plannning much easier! And thank you to the folks who "jumped in" and helped out when a need arose. We are fortunate to have the greatest people in Scouting at Camp Roland for our events. Thank you, thank you , THANK YOU!


DRONE images of the Fall Camporee

Troop 1 from above

Here are some images from Randall Hash and his high flying drone.

Troop 1 from HIGHER!

A real bird's eye view of the first shelter and empty swimming pool.

Colorful Tree Campsite

One last image of camping at Camp Roland.