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Merit Badge-O-Ree is here!



The 2018 Mountain Dominion District Merit Badge-O-Ree is here. We have a terrific group of Scouts and counselors "rarin' to go" for this great event. We have Troops from as far away as Danville, Virginia in Camp as well as other Units from beyond our District - Blacksburg and Pulaski. Our "local" Troops are here, too. Welcome everyone. We are looking forward to a great time!


Please see the ROLAND RATTLER for important information about MOVE IN DAY (July 11th). This 72 hour camp officially begins at 8:00 on Thursday, July 12th but Troops are welcome to come and set up their camp a day early.


 The flag goes up promptly at 8:30 in the morning so get some rest tonight and be prepared for a quick start in the morning!




Please see the ROLAND RATTLER for important information about MOVE IN DAY (July 11th). This 72 hour camp officially begins at 8:00 on Thursday, July 12th but Troops are welcome to come and set up their camp a day early. Click on the 1st edition ff the ROLAND RATTLER with shelter assignments, class schedules and more.




Shelter 1 - Troop 1. Princeton, WV

Shelter 2 - Troop 356, Danville, VA

Shelter 3 - Troop 142, Blacksburg, VA

Shelter 4 - Troop 68, Narrows, VA

Shelter 5 - Troop 130, Brenton, WV

Shelter 6 - Troops 92, 93, 94, Tazewell/North Tazewell, VA

Shelter 7 - First Aid Merit Badge

Shelter 8 - Troop 48, Pulaski, VA

Behind Trading Post - Troop 14, Bluefield, WV



8:28 a.m. - Flag Ceremony at the Flag Pole

8:45 a.m. - Session 1 (locations vary)

10:30 a.m. - Session 2 (locations vary)

12:01 p.m. LUNCH at your campsite

1:15 p.m. - Session 3 (locations vary)

3:00 p.m. - Session 4 (locations vary)

4:42 p.m. - Flag Ceremony at Flag Pole

7:00 p.m. - OA Informational Meeting at Trading Post

7:00 p.m. - Youth Protection Training at Dining Hall

8:30 p.m. - Ice Cream Social at Dining Hall

PRE-Registration is now CLOSED for the 2018 Merit Badge-O-Ree

You may still attend this great event by registering on site (no T-shirt will be available)


Registration for MERIT BADGE CLASSES is now closed


SCOUTS may sign up for their individual merit badge classes ON SITE.


COOKING (Session 2), FISHING (Session 1), PIONEERING merit badge (Session 1) and ARCHERY merit badge (Sessions 3-4) are now FULL and have been closed. Other classes are filling up fast. Please sign up NOW to avoid disappointment.


Yes, it is a little confusing and we apologize for the inconvenience. Sign up for merit badge classes HERE as soon as possible. Some classes have size limits and will fill up fast. Class registration closes July 10th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

There is a LOT going on in our District!

Here are some of the highlights for March:



10 - DISTRICT PINEWOOD DERBY at Maple View Christian Church. Registration begins at 10:00 with races starting at 11:00. There will be concessions available. Register at $5 registration fee. Event webpage is HERE. Contact Paula Mattox


15 - DISTRICT ROUNDTABLE at Stinson United Methodist Church at 6:45 p.m.

15 - DISTRICT MEETING at Stinson United Methodist Church at 7:15 p.m.


24 - DISTRICT RECOGNITION DINNER. Register at before March 22. Please go to the DINNER REGISTRY to sign up for a dish to bring to this pot luck dinner (we don't need a dozen macaroni casseroles!).


Go to the DISTRICT CALENDAR for additional events


REGISTER for the DISTRICT RECOGNITION DINNER before March 22. Register at 

Also, be sure to check the DINNER REGISTRY to sign up for a dish to bring to the "Pot Luck" Dinner (to avoid too many macaroni dishes!)


The COLD RUSH lived up to it's name in 2018!

 The 2018 COLD RUSH at Camp Roland lived up to it’s name! Units from the Buckskin and Mountain Empire Councils, the Mountain Dominion and Chef Cornstalk Districts, along with a full Pack of Webelos braved a steady, cold rain to have a BLAST at this annual Klondike tradition. Several Troops camped on Friday evening and a few even stayed over on Saturday night. Troop 1 raised the Colors on Saturday morning before embarked on our journey along the Klondike Trail.


Dan Cook and Thomas Kozikowski from Troop 460 tested Scouts knowledge at the “Know Your Stuff” stop at the Handicraft Lodge. Troops 34 and 460 came in 3rd place, the Bigfoot Patrol of Troop 1 finished in 2nd place and Troops 68 and 93 took first place honors.


Phillip Ball and Jaff Hajenga of Troop 1 reviewed First Aid concepts and helped Scouts compete in some First Aid “carries” at the First Aid station in the Nature Lodge. Troops 68 and 93 finished 3rd at this event, the Bigfoot Patrol of Troop 1 came in 2nd and Troops 34 and 460 took top honors.


At the frozen Wolf Creek post Wes Thomas and Andy Vanhoy from Troop 93 helped Scouts land some “Big Fish” at the “Ice Fishing” event. Lots of blue fins, red fins and even a couple of block fish were caught. Since it was so cold, the Scouts elected to “catch and release” all their fish. Troops 34 and 68 came in 6th place, Troop 68 finished 5th, Troop a Patrol from Troop 1 (not sure which one, sorry) finished 4th, another Patrol from Troop 1 came in 3rd (sorry, you’ve got to let us know your patrol!), Troop 93 came in 2nd and a third Patrol from Troop 1 finished first.


Jeremy Melvin and Stan Bystrek of the Mountain Empire District wrangled all the sled dogs as the Scouts participated in “Sled Dog Harnessing.” The lack of snow slowed the sleds down a little bit, but all the dogs enjoyed their race along the Klondike Trail. There were so many winners in the individual competition, we are only going to list the top 8 here: Hurt (Troop 1) 3:50, Albert (Troop 1) 3:47, Snider (Troop 93) 3:18, Harrington (Troop 93) 3:16, Broyles (Troop 1) 3:07, Lilly (Troop 1) 3:03, Comer (Troop 1) 2:18, Thomas (Troop 93) 2:07, and Bystreck (Troop 93) 1:59 broke the two minute mark.


The results of the Troop Sled Dog Race are: Troop 1 ? Patrol (8:00), Troop 68 (5:40), Troop 1 ?? Patrol (4:35), Troops 34 and 460 (4:07), and Troop 93 (3:34).


Jeremy Anderson and Roger Albert supervised the downhill slalom course. After applying a heavy coat of wax to the skis to offset the “sloppy” condition of the wet snow on the slopes, we are proud to report that there were no broken bones on the course this year! The top teams were: Troop 93 from Mountain Empire (5th place), Troop 1 -Yeti Patrol (4th place), Troop 1 -Bigfoot Patrol (3rd place), Troop 68 (2nd place) and with a time of 6:54, Troops 34 and 460.


Ed Laxton from Troop 436 made sure that all of the Scouts were “fed and watered” and made some of the best hot chocolate to be found anywhere along the Klondike Trail. Bill Hanks, David Ritter, Shawn Comer, Kermit Davis and Eric Dinovo enjoyed a trek across the unfrozen pond on the Styrofoam boat dock. We hope that the dock will stay in place at future events!


Frank Cahoon and Dale Lloyd took a tour of the cabins in the upper camp and performed an “assessment” of needed improvements for each one. The goal is to develop a list of tasks that need to be done to bring each cabin back into working order. Several Troops have already agreed to “adopt” one or more cabins. With a little TLC, the cabins will, once again, be a great asset to Camp Roland.


With the wind howling at over 200 miles per hour, the air temperature hovering well below zero, and the heavy wet snow mixing with ice crystals that felt like needles being driven into any exposed skin (okay, maybe I exaggerated just a little bit there) the Great Sled Race was moved from the field to the area in front of the Trading Post. The weather prompted a slight adjustment to the rules, but everyone was happy to be in a more sheltered location. All of the Troops competed and a weakness in tying the bowline hitch was exposed in several units! But it was fun. Troop 93 from the Mountain Empire Council took home the giant trophy (no exaggeration here).


We all returned to the flag pole and Troop 93 concluded the day by lowering the Colors. They did a terrific job in the “brisk” conditions. Some Units headed back to their warm homes while others retreated to their camp sites for another night of camping fun. It was a great day! Thank you to everyone who came out and challenged the elements to make this a great event!


Klondike Dan

The FALL CAMPOREE was great!

The 2017 FALL CAMPOREE at Camp Roland was held OCTOBER 20-22, 2017. We, once again, had the event on JAMBOREE On The AIR weekend. The Blufield Amateur Radio Club was be on hand to help us connect with Scouts all over the world!. We offered the RADIO merit badge and the AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE merit badge at this camp. There was also be a COOKING CONTEST for both Scouts and Adults, and a night hike, a Campfire Program on Saturday night and lots of fun!


A FLYER for the even is HERE



Most Troops arrived on Wednesday afternoon to set up their campsites so the fun could begin early on Thursday morning.



Shelter 1 - Troop 1

Shelter 2 - Troop 93 (Blue Ridge District)

Shelter 3 - Troop 252

Shelter 4 - Troop 289

Shelter 5 - Troop 460

Shelter 6 - OPEN

Shelter 7 - OPEN

Camp Entrance - Troop 436

Arcross Wolf Creek - Troop 14 and Troop 94



8:28 a.m. - 8:38 a.m. Flag Pole (Class A Uniforms)

8:45 - 10:15 - SESSION #1 (Locations Vary)

10:30 - 12:00 - SESSION #2 (Locations Vary)

12:01 - 1:00 - LUNCH (at your Camp)

1:15 - 2:45 - SESSION #3 (Locations Vary)

3:00 - 4:30 - SESSION #4 (Locations Vary)

4:42 - 4:52 - Flag Pole (Class A Uniforms)

7:00 p.m. - Mountain Dominion District Meeting at the Pool Shelter

8:30 p.m. - Ice Cream Social at the Dining Hall


There was a leaders CRACKER BARREL at the Pool Shelter on Wednesday eveining at 8:30 This is an informal meeting for Scoutmasters and those folks who are teaching merit badge classes.


The ROLAND RATTLER for set up day is here


It was a great camp!



Less than ONE WEEK to the BADGE-O-REE!

REGISTRATION is complete! Shirts have been ordered and class rosters are being finalized. Thanks to everyone who registered. It certainly makes organizing great event much easier.


Once the class rosters have been completed, an email will be sent to each merit badge counselor so they can see who is in their respective classes. Scoutmasters will also receive a schedule for each Scout in thier Troop.


Keep checking back here for the latest updates, additions, cancellations and news. Thanks, again. Looking forward to seeing y'all next week!


The BADGE-O-REE is Approaching FAST!

INDEPENDENCE DAY has come and gone so it is almost time for the Mountain Dominion District MERIT BADGE-O-REE!

I know that many of you are anxious to get signed up. I am anxious for you to register, too! But I want to be sure everything is in place so we don't have to start over two or three times. Please be patient as we work to get all of our merit badge counselors in place and ready. Check back here often to see the progress.

I now anticipate online registration HERE at beginning Monday, July 10th.

So far we have the following merit badges and counselors in place (but not scheduled):

Archery - Mr. Bill Hanks

Chemistry - Mr. Thomas Kosikowski

Citizenship in the Community - Mr. Mike Holcomb

Citizenship in the Community - Mrs. Paula Mattox - Bring a can of food for donation

Citizenship in the Nation - Mr. Mike Holcomb

Communication - Mr. George Fisher

Cooking - Mrs. Angie Roske

Family Life - Mr. John Eckman

Fingerprinting - Mr. Thomas Kosikowski

First Aid - Mr. Butch Mattox - Limited to 10 Scouts

Fishing - Mr. Ed Laxton

Golf - Mr. Hal Keene, Mr. Barry Buckner

Nature - Mr. John Eckman

Photography - Mr. Eric DiNovo - Do pre-requisites 4a or 4b prior to camp. Bring a digital camera that takes an SD card

Rifle Shooting - Mr. William Cooley, Mr. Phillip Ball - Limit of 8 Scouts per session, first class rank or higher

Scouting Heritage - Mr. Mike Holcomb

Shotgun Shooting - Mr. Phillip Ball, Mr. William Cooley - Limit of 8 Scouts per session, first class rank or higher

Surveying - Mr. Dan Trent - STAR rank or higher

Truck Transportation - Mr. Jeremy Melvin

Wilderness Survival - Mr. Dan Cook - bring the following: a knife, cordage, a tarp, canteen, contractor trash bag, and of course a pencil and something to write on

Trail to First Class - Mr. Don Bury, Mr. Howard Sathre, Mr. Charlie Troup at the POOL SHELTER during sessions 1 and 2


Shelter Reservations look like this:

Shelter 1 - Troop 1

Shelter 2 - Troop 93 (Blue Ridge District)

Shelter 3 - Troop 93 (Mountain Dominion District)

Shelter 4 -

Shelter 5 - Troop 460

Shelter 6 - Troop 252

Shelter 7 -

Camp Entrance - Troop 436




Scores of Boy Scouts converged on Camp Roland to participate in the annual SPRING CAMPOREE! The weekend began on a soggy note. Perhaps soggy is a bit of an understatement. It rained so hard the Coast Guard was patrolling the highway between the Interstate and Camp Roland. It rained so hard the birds at camp were wearing swim fins. I had to use a stick to run the fish out of the shelters. It was WET! Three Troops braved the monsoon and camped Friday evening. Congratulations to Troops 875, 460 and 252 for earning the Water Wings Award.


Saturday morning dawned gray and foreboding, but dozens of Scouts arrived in spite of the weather forecast. At the flag pole Troop 460 won the right to post the Colors and each Troop was given their orders for the day (their schedule). Each Troop cycled through six different stations:

Shawn Comer and Troop 1 hosted the "Respect the Flag" station at the campfire area where Scouts learned U.S. Flag etiquette and cerem0oneously and respectfully "retired" old and tattered flags.

Philip Ball and Troop 1 ran the Orienteering station at Shelter #1 where Scouts learned to read topographic maps, use a compass and navigate a course.

Hal Keene, Richard Clack and Troop 93 hosted the Fire Building competition at Shelter #3. Scouts build fire using non-traditional fire starting apparatus like flint and steel (no matches and lighters here!).  Lots of tinder, kindling and fuel went "up in smoke" at this station.

Dan Cook challenged Scouts to build a structure from bamboo and rope at the Lashing Station at the Pool Shelter. Success was determined by whether or not the structure could support Dan's weight.

Ed Laxton and Troop 436 explored Camp Cooking at the Storage Building. Scouts popped popcorn without using a microwave oven! They also enjoyed South American hot dogs. Yum!

Angie Cook and Thomas Kozikowski helped Scouts to create a Mother's Day card and a framed picture of themselves in the Dining Hall. Scouts took home a wonderful gift for Mom on her special day.


As the clouds parted and as the skies cleared, Dan Cook and his crew prepared a delicious lunch of barbeque on a bun with baked beans, potato chips and cookies for dessert. It was a great time of fun and fellowship among Scouts and Scouters at the Pool Shelter.


By the end of the day the sun had begun to shine and spirits were as high as the water in the pond! We had a great day. Troop 1 lowered the flag and some Troops departed after the flag ceremony. Those Troops missed a real treat at the Campfire Program on Saturday evening! Clayton Comer and Troop 1 hosted the program and put on a fantastic show. Troop 875 added to the festivities with a rollicking skit. There was singing, acting and lots of improvisation. A great time was had by all! Bill Cooley from Troop 1 closed the evening by sharing his collection of ashes from previous campfires - these ashes from a campfire at Brownsea Island (where Scouting began) from 107 years ago. It was a solemn and fitting end to a terrific Campfire Program.


It takes many dedicated individuals to make a successful event such as the Spring Camporee. We are blessed in the Mountain Dominion District to have a large pool of caring and giving volunteers who always "dig deep" to provide our Scouts with great experiences at District events. They also serve as terrific examples for our youth. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this successful event. YOU are touching lives and making a difference in our world, both now and in the future as our Scouts grow into tomorrow's leaders. THANK YOU!

SPRING CAMP was great!

Here is a link to a FLYER covering the event: SPRING CAMP FLYER

The SCHEDULE and List of Stations is here: CAMPOREE SCHEDULE

Here is some stuff to keep in mind - You may arrive anytime after noon on FRIDAY to set up your camp. Shelters have been assigned as follows:



Camp Entrance - Troop 436

Shelter 1 - Troop 1

Shelter 2 - Troop 875

Shelter 3 - Troop 93           

Shelter 4 - Troop 68

Shelter 5 - Troop 460

Shelter 6 - Troop 252


We had lots of great events. Since MOTHER'S DAY was Sunday, we made a gift for Mom (or Dad!) at one station. Scouts practiced orienteering skills at another stop, and FIRE BUILDING at another. Lunch on Saturday was be provided by Mr. Dan Cook of Troop 460 and his new fangled barbeque machine.


Saturday night we had a terrific CAMPFIRE PROGRAM hosted by Scouts from Troop 1. It was a great event!


8:30 - Cracker Barrel and Tall Tale Contest at the Pool Shelter



9:00 -                  Flag Ceremony at the flag pole

9:45 - 10:45         Session #1

10:50 - 11:50       Session #2

12:00 - 1:00         LUNCH at the POOL SHELTER Thank you Dan Cook!

1:00 - 1:55           Session #3

2:00 - 2:55           Session #4

3:00 - 3:55           Session #5

4:00 - 4:55           Session #6

5:05                     Flag Ceremony at the flag pole

8:30                    Campfire Program (Dining Hall if raining)



10:00              Morning Worship



(Consult YOUR TROOP SCHEDULE, to be distributed at flag ceremony, for times)

RESPECT the FLAG           @ Campfire Area                  Mr. Shawn Comer (Troop 1)

CAMP FOOD                      @ Storage Building               Mr. Ed Laxton (Troop 436)

featuring  (South American Hot Dogs!)                            

ORIENTEERING                  @ Shelter #1                        Mr. Phillip Ball (Troop 1)

LASHINGS                         @ Shelter #5                        Mr. Dan Cook (Troop 460)

including CAMP GADGET Contest

MOTHER'S DAY CRAFT      @ Dining Hall                        Mr. Dan Trent  (Troop 14)     

FIRE BUILDING                  @ Shelter #3                         Mr. Richard Clack (Troop 93)


Concord University

Freshmen from Concord University came to Camp Roland to earn some service hours in August. Thank you Concord U!!!

Rifle Range

Scouts enrolled in the Rifle Shooting merit badge during the Badge-O-Ree learned from expert instructors at Camp Roland's rifle range "on the hill."

Brush cutting

Thanks to the OA, lots of brush was cleared from around the pond. Thanks to everyone who gave "sweat equity" to this project!



Thanks to EVERYONE who made the 2016 Fall Camporee and Jamboree on the Air a tremendous success. Over 150 people enjoyed the near perfect weather and talked to Scouts from all over the globe. Thanks to the East River Amateur Radio Club for facilitating all the conversations. Contacts were made to Germany, Italy, Russial and France among others, We also made contacts across our great country from Vermont to Texas and beyond. It was GREAT! Thank you ERARC Team!

     Thanks also to the Scouts and adults who went on the NIGHT HIKE Friday evening. 35 Scouts and 5 adults braved the darkness and hiked over 3 miles in the wilderness by moonlight... with just a few flashlights, too. We made the trip in an hour and a half - a record! Congratulations hikers!

There were heros all over Camp this weekend. Thanks to Ed for teaching the RADIO merit badge class and inspiring this event. Thanks to Landon who sacrificed his Radio merit badge to teach younger Scouts at one of our morning sessions. Thanks to Troop 1 for teaching us all about lashing and Troop 93 for handling the Each One Teach One program in the morning. Thanks to Frank and Troop 68 for manning the McGann Building all afternoon. Thanks to David for doing a great job supporting the COOKING station. Thanks to Bill for teaching the surveying/transit station.

     And a big thank you to the O.A. gang who continued the work around the pond. These ladies and gentlemen began this project in July at the Badge-O-Ree and followed through at this camp. Kevin Martin and Jenny Martin have been there from the beginning of this project providing tools, equipment and labor to the cause. Jason Anderson brought his own personal brush hog this weekend and generously allowed us to use it on the camp tractor. Phillip Ball went a step further and brought his won tractor and brush hog. Two tractors along with Shawn Comer, got a lot of brush cleared over the past few weeks. There are others who have contributed. Thank you all!

     Another big thank you goes to Clayton and Andrew who did a fantastic job organizing and running the CAMPFIRE PROGRAM Saturday evening. You did a terrific job. And thanks to each and every Troop and Webelo Pack who shared a skit of song. It was a 100% Scout run event and it was a blast.

     Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped all over camp. Thanks to the Troops who traveled from beyond our District and beyond our Council to attend and contribute to the sucess of the Camp. You folks are the best!


October 12, 2016

Cooler weather is in the forcast this weekend, Just in time for JAMBOREE ON THE AIR! Here is a quick schedule of events:


7:45 p.m.             Cracker Barrel at Pool Shelter

8:15                        Night Hike begins at bridge


8:45 Flag Ceremony

9:00 – 12:30  Radio Merit Badge in Dining Hall

9:00 – 12:30  Each One Teach One at various shelters (See Roland Rattler at Camp). This will include “Radio Talk” sessions with the ERAC

12:30-1:30  Lunch

1:30-5:00  Afternoon Sessions (including radio)

5:15  Flag Ceremony

5:30  O.A. Meeting

7:45  Campfire Program

 8:30  Bedtime Snack in the Dining Hall


9:30  Worship Service



Shelter #1 - Troop 1

Shelter #2 - Troop 93 Blue Ridge

Shelter #3 - Troop 93 Mountain Dominion

Shelter #4 - Troop 68

Shelter #5 - Troop 14

Shelter #6 - Troop 875

Shelter #7 - Troop 75

Shelter #8 - Troop 177



Saturday morning RADIO Merit Badge Class will meet in the Dining Hall from 9:00 until 12:30

During that same time Scouts who are not taking the merit badge class will be teaching or learning some Scout Skills. You will be will provided with a SCHEDULE for your Troop on Saturday morning. You will also be provided with a schedule for your events on Saturday afternoon,



September 15, 2016


There have been some requests for the current MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR LIST, so here it is! MB COUNSELORS

Thanks to Dan Cook, Mountain Dominion District Advancement Chair, for maintaining the list and vetting counselors.


We have had a great summer season at Camp Roland. Lots of great camps and tons of fun. Now the mornings are becoming cooler, the days are getting shorter and you can see the leaves preparing to jump from the trees as the first frost approaches.


There are some great events planned for the autumn season at Camp Roland.


The Mountain Dominion District will host a ROUNDTABLE at 6:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Bluefield on September 15, just before the monthly DISTRICT MEETING at 7:00 p.m.


O.A. Vigil Weekend is scheduled at Camp Roland September 16-17 and the Fall Fellowship will take place at Camp Chief Logan October 7-9, 2016


The CUB SCOUT FAMILY CAMP will take place at Camp Roland September 23 - 25, 2016. Lots of outdoor activities are planned including sling shots, archery, BB guns, model rockets and more! Please encourage all Cub Scouts to attend - especially new Cubs Scouts. Contact Paula Mattox for more information: (304) 732-9371.


The Boy Scout Fall Camporee will be October 14-16 and will coincide with JAMBOREE ON THE AIR/JAMBOREE ON THE INTERNET. This is the largest Scouting event in the WORLD with over 1 Million Scouts participating across 150 countries YOU can take part in this international event at Camp Roland! There will be lots of other events over the weekend, too. A night hike is planned for Friday night, and old fashioned camp fire program will take place on Saturday night and more! The event is open to CUB SCOUTS, WEBELOS, VENTURE CREW, EXPLORERS as well as BOY SCOUTS. Cost will be approximately $25 for Scouts and will include a patch and T-Shirt. Adult cost is $12.50. Pre-registration is required so we can order shirts. Contact Dan Trent to register or for further information. (276) 322-3911 or


Don't forget the Council CDO (Council District Operations) Saturday, September 10th at 10:00 the Scout Office in Charleston.


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