Happy Birthday Charlie!
Happy Birthday Charlie!

           2021 Awesome August Council Camp

August 20-22, 2021


The Camp was... well - AWESOME!

Check out the Awesome August Council Camp page for the latest info.


           2021 SPRING Camporee at Camp Roland

May 22, 2021


We had a GREAT Spring Camporee!

Scouts from across Virginia and West Virginia converged on beautiful Camp Roland for our first Scouts BSA camp in a year and a half. Two different Councils were represented and there was a strong contingent of Cub Scouts in attendance. Statistically speaking, there were twice as many Troops from the Virginia side than West Virginia - but West Virginia registered twice as many Scouts and Cub Scouts. One registered Troop had one adult for every Scout in attendance (a one to one ratio!). Two thirds of the Troops camped on Friday and Saturday nights. The weather was great it was so good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine once again. Thanks to everyone who made this another great camp!


For lunch, the entire camp turned out for a surprise birthday gathering for long time Scouter Charle Troup. Instead of a cake, we presented Charlie with a birthday dessert pizza from Pizza Plus. Charlie has been involved in Scouting for an astonishing 72 years! He began as a Cub Scout, advanced to the rank of Eagle, served as a professional Scouter, and has spend many years as a volunteer at the waterfront and, most recently, as a member of the Trail to First Class staff at our Merit Badge-O-Ree. Happy birthday Charlie!


We had an unwanted visitor to Camp after the Camporee. A BEAR has been using the dumpster as a personal buffet. The bear has managed to overcome the "bearproof" dumpster features to leave a big mess. Marty and Connie have devised a possible solution to the issue. When you use the dumpster at Camp you will notice carabiners "locking" the doors locking the doors closed. Please be sure to securely close and lock the doors to the dumpster when you make your deposit so the bear will be unable to make and unauthorized withdrawal. Thanks to Marty and Connie for going above and beyond in cleaning up the bear mess.




Plans are well under way for the 2021 Merit Badge-O-Ree in July. Please let me know if you plan to teach a merit badge class ASAP!



                    Happy Hike from Camp Roland

June 19, 2021


Join us for a day of HIKING on June 18th!


We will depart from Camp Roland hiking to the WOLF CREEK TRAIL in the Jefferson National Forest. We will leave the Wolf Creek Trail and proceed along the CORKSCREW TRAIL as it climbs Round Mountain.


Two options are available: One will be a 5-mile hike (good for checking off requirements in your Scouts BSA Handbood!). For heartier souls we will go all the way to the top of the mountain for a 10-mile hike. It should take about 3 hours to compete the 5 mile hike (including a lunch break) and 5-6  hours for the 10-mile adventure.


Register at Bucksin.org. Watch the 2-minute video for a list of items to bring with you (and thngs NOT to bring!)




This will be a great day of fun. Call or email with any questions (276) 322-3911 or DanTrent@comcast.net



                          WORKDAY at Camp Roland

May 8, 2021


We had a very successful workday at Camp Roland!


Thanks to everyone who pitched in to get things spurced up and ready.


Thanks to Hooger Fisher for bringing the most important tool of the day - an electric auger that we put to good use in the Dining Hall. The drains are running smootly now (first time in at least 3 years). Hooger also spent some quality time in the bath house mopping floors and really going the extra mile. Frank Cahoon was instrumental in raiding the greace interceptor and other plumbing issues (Frank turned on the water two weeks ago with the help of Bill Hanks and David Emanuel). Bill and Dave were there again on Saturday working away, Jerry Buchanan and Rufus VanHoosier were also at Camp cleaning up. They worked in the storage building and raking leaves around some of the lodges and campfire area. They have also invested several hours in maintaining the tracrtor this spring. Marty and Connie Allen got busy in the afternoon with a Scout and his father from Galax. They went around the perimeter of the field picing up several loads of downed tree branches. Thomas Kozikowi and a contingent of Scouts and adults from Troop 460 came to work on the nature trail and prepare for the Cub Scout Fun Day. Our old friend Walter Shroyer came with his weed trimmer and ax and cleared brush from trees at the Camp entrance (my new campsite!).Moss was removed from the roof of the Dining Hall, gutters were cleaned, and a leak was patched. Overall, it was a huge day!

It takes commitment from many people to keep our Camp running and looking good. Thanks to all who help!



                  2021 Schedule (YES! We have one!)

2021 Season


Scheduled events at Camp Roland:
  • June 19 - Mountain Dominion District HAPPY HIKE beginning at Camp Roland
  • June 23-25 - Cub Scout Twilight Camp at Camp Roland
  • July 15-17 - Scouts BSA Merit Badge-O-Ree at Camp Roland - please register to teach a merit badge ASAP!
  • July 31 - Cub Scout FUN DAY at Camp Roland
  • August 20-22 - Combined Cub Scouts/Scouts BSA Family Camp at Camp Roland
Looking forward to seeing you all summer long at Camp Roland!