2020 Merit Badge-O-Ree is CANCELLED

June 30, 2020


The 2020 edition of the Mountain Dominion District MERIT BADGE-O-REE cancelled.


COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of our event at Camp Roland.


We hope to see everyone at our next Scouts BSA events at Camp Roland:


FALL CAMPOREE - originally scheduled for October 16-18, 2020... We'll see!!!

2020 COLD RUSH lived up to its name!

February 15, 2020


The annual WINTER COLD RUSH at Camp Roland lived up to its name this year!!! One hearty Troop (Troop 1, Princeton, WV) camped Friday and Saturday nights and earned the Polar Bear Award. The temperature on Saturday morning was 13 degrees with a wind chill of 6 degrees!


By the time we assembled for the Flag Ceremony the temperature had risen to a balmy 17 degrees. Troop 93 posted the colors before we retreated to the Dining Hall for our first events. Adults from Troop 1885 and 93 really came to the rescue by staffing the cooking event. Every Scout cooked Klondike Dan's world famous spaghetti chili. They chopped bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. They browned ground beef and added some spaghetti sauce for a delicious HOT treat on this cold winter morning. They also grilled Dan's Dessert Tacos (peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows on a tortilla). Meanwhile, in the main dining room, other adults were busy building a fire in the old stone fireplace. They taught (or refreshed their memories!) other Scouts how to tie the bowline and timber hitch. They also guided Scouts in both square and shear lashings. Troop 1 taught "Totin' chip" and "Firem'n chit" classes at Shelter 1.


After lunch we met at shelters to practice compass and map reading skills. Scouts learned (or refreshed their memories!) to read a compass, orient a map, measure distances and follow a course. They gathered around the flag pole to measure their "pace" to help them estimate distances. Each Troop then laid out a compass course for other Troops to follow. We achieved 100% success as each Troop was able to find the "treasure" other Troops had placed at the end of their courses.


While Scouts were participating in their adventure along the Klondike Trail, a group of adults was busy helping to clean up the work room at the Camp Garage. Lumber was moved from the garage to the Storage Building, Styrofoam blocks were moved to the shelter near the Archery Range and metal roofing for future projects was moved to the top rack of our storage rack in Bay #1. This provided much more "working space" for camp maintenance projects. Thank you gentlemen!


We concluded the festivities with the Great Sled Race. No sleds were needed for this race. Scouts used skills learned during the day to move a log. Teamwork was tested on the 4-person ski, balance was put to the test on individual "grass skis," knot tying was on full display as a very large bowline knot was tied, and a timber hitch was tied around the massive Klondike Log before dragging it across the finish line. Some Troops were a bit over-anxious as they left the log behind on their initial attempt. Other units dragged not only the log, but half of their team down the course. It was indeed a great race! 3rd place went to Troop 1 (Princeton), 2nd place was Troop 93 (Marion) and the first place winners were Troop 1885 (Seneca District).


Thanks to everyone who made this camp such a success. Thanks to the Scouts who endured the cold weather while many of their friends were home in their warm beds. Thanks to the adults who volunteered to help the Scouts hone their cooking, knot tying, compass and map reading skills. EVERYONE demonstrated the Scout Spirit - positive attitudes, compassion for others, and cooperation. You are the best. THANK YOU!


We hope to see everyone at our next Scouts BSA events at Camp Roland:

SPRING CAMPOREE -  April 24-26, 2020

MERIT BADGE-O-REE - July 16-18, 2020

FALL CAMPOREE - October 16-18, 2020

Upcoming Dates




April 11, 2020

Come help us prepare the camp for the upcoming season. We will turn on the water, clear winter damage from trees, work on some building projects and have great fellowship. This is a BYOCS event (Bring Your Own Chain Saw). No chainsaw? No problem. Come on out anyway. Many hands make light work. Lunch may be provided....



April 24-26, 2020

Scouts will travel along the “Old Cabin Trail” as they visit different “stations” along an adventure trail in the upper Camp. A fun event will take place at each stop along the way. Games to challenge your teamwork skills, contests to hone your Scouting skills and just plain FUN!

SCOUTS = $15



Register at before April 17 to save $5

Here is the FLYER for this event



July 16-18, 2020

Scouts can earn lots of merit badges at this terrific event. 100% ADULT counselors, hot showers, separate bathroom facilities for adult men, adult women, male Scouts and female Scouts, T-Shirts, Traditional Campfire program, events each evening, Ice Cream Social and more!


We are always looking for COUNSELORS to teach merit badge classes. Contact Dan Trent to "get on the list." (276) 322-3911 or Counselors register for FREE! To date we have: Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, and Pioneering. We need YOU!


Register at before July 1 to save $5



July 23-25, 2020


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October 16-18, 2020


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DRONE images of the 2018 Fall Camporee

Troop 1 from above

Here are some images from Randall Hash and his high flying drone.

Troop 1 from HIGHER!

A real bird's eye view of the first shelter and empty swimming pool.

Colorful Tree Campsite

One last image of camping at Camp Roland.