WORKDAY at Camp Roland

August 1, 2020


The BEST workday ar Camp Roland this year!

Over 20 Scouts and adults participated in this important event. An unbelievable amount of work was done. Tim Wallace, Roger Albert, Dan Cook and others went to work on the “NEW” tower adding the ribbon for the first floor platform which will eventually be twenty feet above ground zero. Jeff Hajengh and son, along with some other Scouts, a few adults and a LOT of bees attacked the “OLD” tower removing most of the wooden boards from the exterior walls. This was transported to the “NEW” tower and attached to the poles.

Jacob Dressler and son, and Dale Lloyd cut the hay inside the swimming pool fence. They didn’t stop there! They cut brish all over camp from the dam to the north to the creek bank to the south. In fact, lots of folks were involved with that effort including Kermit Davis, Jason Anderson, Mike Himes and others. Jerry Buchannan led the charge in the storage building organizing new acquisitions from another camp and keeping the pet snake that lives there happy! Mike Kime, and son, brought an EXCAVATOR to camp and did an amazing amount of work to the benefit of Camp Roland. They started by clearing the massive log jam from under the bridge across Wolf Creek (it was HUGE!). Later on the Kimes, attempted to fix the leaks in the dam at the pond. They ended the day along the creek bank clearing brush that a group of folks had cut “the old fashioned way!” A special shout out to Mr. Russell Taylor from Troop 14. Russell has over 60 years in Scouting and has worked at Camp Roland for decades. If you turn on a light switch or a water faucet anywhere in Camp, Chances are Mr. Taylor wired it, plumbed it, or has repaired it sometime in the last half century! IT was great to see EVERYONE who came out on Saturday. All together we contributed over 150 service hours on Saturday! We also demolished several Pizzas for lunch.


Thanks to everyone who made this day a tremendous success by showing good ol’ Camp Roland some love! More work days are coming. And we really REALLY hope we will be able to have a camporee this fall. Keep checking here for updates. Looking forward to “seeing” you at the District meeting Thursday, August 20th via ZOOM and hope to see you soon “live and in person” at Camp Roland soon



                          2020 Fall Camporee???

July 20, 2020


The 2020 edition of the Mountain Dominion District Fall Camporee is tentatively being planned. As we slog our way through all of the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is difficult to plan anything. Check back here often and we will keep you posted!


We hope to see everyone at our next Scouts BSA events at Camp Roland:


FALL CAMPOREE - originally scheduled for October 16-18, 2020... We'll see!!!