WORKDAY at Camp Roland

May 8, 2021


It looks like there will be ACTIVITIES at Camp Roland this year!


To prepare for the fun we will have a workday at Camp SATURDAY, May 8, 2021.


Some of the "chores" include:

Sweep and clean the bath house (Youth boys, youth girls, adult men, adult women)

Sweep and clean the Dining Hall - we also need to clear the drain in the dining hall

Clean roof and gutters at Dining Hall

Sweep, clean and clear gutters at McGann Building

Sweep, clean and clear gutters at Med Lodge

Sweep, clean and clear gutters at Storage Building

Rake leaves and "spruce up" the Trading Post

Rake leaves and "spruce up" the Nature Lodge

Rake leaves and "spruce up" the Handicraft Lodge

Rake leaves and "spruce up" the Campfire Area

There are many other chores you can choose to work on. Let us know about your "pet project"


                  2021 Schedule (YES! We have one!)

2021 Season


Scheduled events at Camp Roland:
  • May 8 - Work day at Camp Roland. Please bring cleaning supplies, grass cutting tools, chain saws or other implements. See the list of chores we hope to accomplish at 
  • May 15 - Cub Scout FUN DAY at Camp Roland (including shooting sports)
  • May 22 - Scouts BSA Spring Camporee - Compass and Maps, First Aid, Cooking, Knots and more. Program will be SATURDAY ONLY. Troops may Camp on Friday and/or Saturday nights at their discretion.
  • June 19 - Mountain Dominion District HAPPY HIKE beginning at Camp Roland
  • June 23-25 - Cub Scout Twilight Camp at Camp Roland
  • July 15-17 - Scouts BSA Merit Badge-O-Ree at Camp Roland - please register to teach a merit badge ASAP!
  • July 31 - Cub Scout FUND DAY at Camp Roland
  • August 20-22 - Combined Cub Scouts/Scouts BSA Family Camp at Camp Roland
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday... and all summer long!
Klondike Dan


We hope to see everyone at our next Scouts BSA events at Camp Roland